Checkups Are Essential to Women's Health

Checkups Are Essential to Women's Health

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Women should get a health exam once a year. Annual checkups will document updates and make you aware of any potential issues. Amarillo Family Healthcare & Weight Loss is your go-to clinic for women's annual exams in Amarillo, TX.

When you come to us, you'll have an opportunity to ask your doctor about any health concerns. Your health is always taken seriously and we do everything we can to make you feel comfortable. We're a preferred health clinic because of our excellent standard of care.

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When you come in for a women's annual exam, a healthcare provider will:

  • Check your vital signs
  • Record your height and weight
  • Conduct a breast and pelvic exam
  • Listen to your heart and lungs
  • Feel your thyroid gland and abdomen
  • Ask you about your symptoms, needs and history
You'll be able to make your doctor aware of any symptoms you've been experiencing. Other tests may be included depending on your age and medical history. Plan a visit to our health clinic in Amarillo, TX today. You can reach us by calling 806-418-6886.