Don't Go to an Emergency Room for Non-Emergencies

Go to our Amarillo, TX healthcare center for urgent care services

Amarillo Family Healthcare & Weight Loss strives to provide the best medical care for every stage of life. This includes urgent care services. While some health issues require a visit to an emergency room, many others don't. If you are looking for a fast and reliable urgent care facility in Amarillo, TX look no further.

Our trained staff of doctors and nurses can help you with a wide range of urgent care services. The health center has many of the same tools and devices available at any hospital. You can get the care you need both quickly and more affordably than going to the ER.

Visit Amarillo Family Healthcare & Weight Loss of Amarillo, TX to get fast and comprehensive medical care under one roof.

Our urgent care services include:

General illness

Flu treatment

Minor Stitches

Minor Contusions


Minor Stitches

Glucose Testing

Blood Pressure Checks

Pink Eye

Sinus Infection


Skin Conditions

Minor Rashes

Minor Burns

Insect Bites & Stings