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Your family's health and well-being are of the utmost importance. Our dedicated medical professionals offer more than just a health clinic-they provide a friendly face you can trust through the years to look out for your best interests and those of your children. Amarillo Family Healthcare & Weight Loss is a trusted health clinic serving patients throughout the Amarillo, TX area.

Lacey Meeks, our lead medical professional, has been serving the Amarillo, TX community for over 10 years. She provides personalized attention and quality healthcare on every visit. Call 806-418-6886 today to schedule an appointment with a friendly and capable medical professional in Amarillo, TX.

Medical Weight Management

Medical Weight Management

Reach your weight loss goals with a personalized plan.

Hormone Health & Wellness

Hormone Health & Wellness

Maintain hormonal balance for your well-being.

Cosmetics & Aesthetics

Cosmetics & Aesthetics

Improve your skin's appearance.

Regenerative Medicine

Regenerative Medicine

Explore the benefits of stem cell therapy.

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At Amarillo Family Healthcare & Weight Loss, we can provide your family with complete medical care. Choose us as your medical professional for health services like:





For comprehensive medical care at the cutting-edge of technology, visit our health clinic in Amarillo, TX.



There is Hope. Find Out About Your Medical Weight Loss Options

Are you interested in losing weight but don't know where to start? There are so many different diets and fads out there, but our medical weight loss plans are based on time-tested methods personalized for you. At Amarillo Family Healthcare & Weight Loss, we focus on providing weight management assistance that will help you see real results.

Our three-step program is supervised by a physician and will put you on the path toward a healthier you. If you're tired of diets that fail to provide lasting results, speak with Amarillo Family Healthcare & Weight Loss today. We'll start you on a medical weight loss plan that will help you reach your goals.

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